The supply chain opportunity in the race to zero

Southeast Asia is at the heart of many global supply chains, acting as a valued trade, investment and growth driver for the region. In the global race to net-zero, there is a growing need to recognize and tackle the carbon emissions burden of supply chains.

Australia’s A$1.5 billion COVID-related loan to Indonesia

The Australian Government has unexpectedly announced that Australia will make a $ 1.5 billion COVID-related support loan to Indonesia. Australia’s assistance program to Indonesia has lagged somewhat in recent years. Indeed, the fall in support to Indonesia had begun to attract comment. But in one stroke, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s announcement late last week significantly strengthened Australia’s economic diplomacy in Southeast Asia.

Fifty years of the Department of Foreign Affairs

Fifty years ago this month, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs was born, casting aside its old moniker, External Affairs. The name changed as Australia changed. The switch from External Affairs to Foreign Affairs was a small expression of big shifts.

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