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Australia’s A$1.5 billion COVID-related loan to Indonesia

The Australian Government has unexpectedly announced that Australia will make a $ 1.5 billion COVID-related support loan to Indonesia. Australia’s assistance program to Indonesia has lagged somewhat in recent years. Indeed, the fall in support to Indonesia had begun to attract comment. But in one stroke, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s announcement late last week significantly strengthened Australia’s economic diplomacy in Southeast Asia.

Seaweed farmers’ flexibility makes Indonesia a major player in global markets, but there is more work to be done

Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of the gel-containing seaweeds known as hydrocolloid seaweeds. Unlike food seaweeds, produced mainly in China, South Korea, North Korea and Japan, hydrocolloid seaweeds are used to extract gels used in a range of applications, including as a thickener in food processing and as a biomaterial for pharmaceutical applications.

51st Anniversary of UGM Faculty of Animal Sciences

The UGM Faculty of Animal Science UGM organized an Open Senate Meeting in the context of its 51st Anniversary on Tuesday (10/11) at the Auditorium of drh. R. Soepardjo. The meeting was not only held offline, but it was also broadcasted online via the UGM Faculty of Animal Science Youtube channel.

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