Infrastructure Investment in Indonesia: A Focus on Ports launched in Jakarta

Infrastructure Investment in Indonesia: A Focus on Ports, the result of a three-year joint effort by researchers from Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, and the University of Melbourne — funded by the Australia-Indonesia Centre — was launched in Jakarta last week.

Prof. Dr Wihana Kirana, Special Advisor to the Minister of Transportation, and Mr Arif Toha, Secretary of the Directorate-General of Sea Transportation officiated the launch. They were joined by Prof. Colin Duffield of the University of Melbourne to launch the book and sign a novelty-size book cover.

A panel of distinguished industry, academic, and government officials, including AIC Senior Fellow Professor Dr Nyoman Pujawan of Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, reviewed the work in a discussion that immediately followed the launch, and considered the challenges and opportunities facing Indonesia’s port infrastructure development.

“Kemenhub appreciates the launch of this book, the result of an international research [collaboration],” a statement from the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation read. “From the results of this study Indonesia can find new reference points in the management and improvement of competitiveness in its ports.”

Prof. Wihana Kirana noted that the book would “provide new energy, especially for Kemenhub as it looks at ports infrastructure and the ports ecosystem”.

“This event marks positive engagement on the part of both Australia and Indonesia,” added Dr Felix Kin Peng Hui, Senior Lecturer in Engineering Management at the University of Melbourne and co-author of the book. “We hope that it will bring on further joint research opportunities in the PAIR phase of AIC.”

The expert panel was made up of Mr Arif Toha, Mr Elvyn Masassya (CEO, Pelindo II), Prof. Dr Nyoman Pujawan, (AIC Senior Fellow and President of the Indonesian Supply & Logistics Institute at ITS), Prof. Dr Sunaryo (Chairman, Indonesian Maritime Centre at UI) and Mr Harry Sutanto (Deputy Chair, Asosiasi Logistik dan Fowarder Indonesia – ALFI). The panel was chaired by Prof. Dr Danang Parikesit from UGM, who was also a member of the research team behind the book and who now serves as Chair of the Indonesian Toll Road Authority.

Infrastructure Investment in Indonesia: A Focus on Ports is an interdisciplinary collection spanning the disciplines of planning, law, and engingeering and drawing upon a range of practical and theoretical perspectives. It can be downloaded, for free, here.

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