Human Rights

Will Indonesia’s trifecta survive COVID-19?

A recent Morgan Stanley report has predicted that Indonesia will not only survive the crisis, but also enter a “Goldilocks” economy in 2021 if it can play its strategic place in the post-COVID-19 pandemic period and global order of the 21st century. Are they being too optimistic? 

Women and digital da’wa

Indonesia has long been known as one of the most active Facebook and Twitter nations, but recently Instagram has become the social media of choice for many young Indonesians. Some of the platform’s most prolific users are female Islamic activists who are keen to use social media as a novel tool for proselytisation (or da’wa).

The fight to outlaw sexual violence in Indonesia

Efforts to implement a Sexual Violence Bill in Indonesia have been further delayed, despite the fact that numerous women’s organisations were advocating for the Bill to be passed as soon as possible to address the grave impacts of sexual domestic violence in Indonesia.

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