David Sexton

A coal-powered industrial boom is testing Indonesia’s green goals

In a heavily forested district in Indonesia’s portion of the island of Borneo, excavators and an army of surveyors are clearing the way for a $2.6 billion hydroelectric plant, purpose-built to power a vast industrial park — a project lauded by its backers and Jakarta’s government as evidence that economic growth can come with limited carbon cost.

Indonesia’s wheat imports to rebound in 2023-24

Indonesia’s wheat imports are expected to rebound in 2023-24, assuming an improved global economy, population growth and increasing demand from the upcoming general election, according to a report from the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the US Department of Agriculture.

Talking Indonesia: Indonesian student armies

The Indonesian word ‘pemuda’, or young person, has a complex meaning and history. Like in other languages and cultures, the term conjures up images of change and vitality. But in Indonesia, it also carries militaristic and masculine connotations which are coloured by the way it was used during the New Order era.

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