Watch or listen: What’s next for the digital economy?

The global adjustment to the coronavirus pandemic has seen a faster shift to a digital economy as technology has been harnessed to deal with abrupt changes in every aspect of life.


From having to suddenly create an online marketplace, to consumers demanding more services through digital platforms, and information from data being used widely in critical public policy decisions.  This webinar will look at some of these changes and ask what skills are required to adapt and make the most of the opportunity. We will look at a project to upskill micro business and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Australia and Indonesia.

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Our panel of expert guests

Professor Caroline Chan, Skills Futures Fellow @ The Australia-Indonesia Centre

Caroline is passionate about education, developing young talent and is very much involved in the discipline and profession of ICT. << Full bio

Even Alex Chandra, Head of Public Policy and Government Relations @ PT Bukalapak

Prior to his role at Bukalapak, Even Alex Chandra served as Head of General Policy at Asosiasi E-Commerce Indonesia (IdEA). << Full bio

Moderator: Helen Brown, Head of Communications & Outreach @ The Australia-Indonesia Centre

Helen Brown is a former journalist and ABC Indonesia correspondent. She previously served as Digital Economy Fellow at the AIC. << Full bio


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