Watch or listen: Reimagining the supply chain in a post COVID-19 era

Supply chains are being tested around the globe, as coronavirus creates new challenges around people and logistics.


Added layers of safety are now needed for businesses that are responsible for ensuring that fresh, packaged and manufactured goods reach their customers.

In Indonesia, a fragmented supply chain is starting to be reimagined as automation, a more localised supply and the need for a skills upgrade become more obvious. In Australia, the complex links in the supply chain systems are being tested as the state of Victoria regulates the closure or slow-down of some manufacturing processes to reduce human interaction. What does the future look like as we adjust now to the challenges of a pandemic, what solutions is business looking for and how can the workforce adapt?

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Our panel of expert guests

Professor Nyoman Pujawan, Professor of Supply Chain Engineering @ Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember

In addition to his role at ITS, Professor Pujawan is also President of the International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA), President of the Indonesian Supply Chain and Logistics Institute (ISLI) & a Senior Fellow of the AIC’s PAIR. << Full bio

Louise McGrath, General Manager of International Competitiveness @ Australian Industry Group

Louise has a broad range of experience in international relations, with a particular interest in international business training and facilitation, trade and border regulations, & international transport. << Full bio

Vincentius Sariyo, Director of Supply Chains @ Tanihub Group

Tanihub is an agtech start-up which connects farmers directly to customers. It is similar to Sayuran, and this new sector of farm to table companies is estimated to have grown by 5x order growth due to COVID-19. << Full bio

Moderator: Helen Brown, Head of Communications & Outreach @ The Australia-Indonesia Centre

Helen Brown is a former journalist and ABC Indonesia correspondent. She previously served as Digital Economy Fellow at the AIC. << Full bio


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