Watch or listen: Leveraging data in the “new normal”

In a time of crisis the potential gains from the smart use of data are amplified.


For instance, having real-time information has helped countries trace, track and develop responses to limit the spread of covid-19. The possibilities to better coordinate resources and make smarter decisions is obvious when having to suddenly deal with a fast-spreading and unknown virus. There is also the element of gaining the public trust for data collection and that it will be used for good policy.

In the second instalment of our second In Conversation webinar series, we looked at some of the learnings from this pandemic, how data has been collected, the role of data in disaster preparedness, and how human activity (eg: smartphone use) plays a role in a humanitarian outcome.

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Our panel of expert guests

Dr Campbell Wilson, Associate Dean (International) @ Monash University’s Faculty of Information Technology

Dr Wilson leads the internal strategy for Monash University’s Faculty of Information Technology and is a Co-director of the AiLECS research lab. << Full bio

Elina Ciptadi, Co-founder @

Elina is a co-founder of a pro-data movement that provides Indonesians with accurate information on how to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. << Full bio

Petrarca Karetji, Head @ UN Global Pulse Lab Jakarta

Petrarca has a wealth of experience, previously serving in roles at the Knowledge Sector Initiative, Aus AID (now DFAT), the World Bank  and more. << Full bio

Moderator: Helen Brown, Head of Communications & Outreach @ The Australia-Indonesia Centre

Helen Brown is a former journalist and ABC Indonesia correspondent. She previously served as Digital Economy Fellow at the AIC. << Full bio


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