Watch or listen: Geopolitics in a post-COVID world

The coronavirus pandemic has created another framework for the battle being fought between the USA and China as they try to assert their authority in the region of South East Asia.


Accusations have flown around transparency and the source of the disease, as part of the broader tussle between the two economic powers over trade and regional security. Competition has emerged over who can provide the most useful assistance to the 10 members of the ASEAN grouping.

In the middle of this are of course the nations in South East Asia, and Australia, which have to find a way to balance the relationship with both powers. What direction will the two nations take that will have to be considered, who is winning the public relations battle and how can Australia and Indonesia work together to encourage stability in the region.

The debut of our second series of In Conversation webinars took place on 23 July.

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Our panel of expert guests

Senator the Hon Penny Wong, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister @ the Parliament of Australia (Australian Labor Party)

Senator the Hon Penny Wong is a Senator for South Australia, the Senate leader of the Australian Labor Party (ALP), the Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Leader of the Opposition in the Senate. << Full bio

Professor Michael Wesley, Deputy Vice-Chancellor International @ The University of Melbourne

Professor Wesley responsible for leading the University of Melbourne’s international engagement. << Full bio

Dr Philips J Vermonte, Executive Director @ CSIS

An AIC Leaders Program alumnus, Dr Vermonte joined CSIS in 2001 and now serves as its Executive Director. << Full bio

Moderator: Helen Brown, Head of Communications & Outreach @ The Australia-Indonesia Centre

Helen Brown is a former journalist and ABC Indonesia correspondent. She previously served as Digital Economy Fellow at the AIC. << Full bio

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