Our changing Australia-Indonesia Centre

I am delighted to share with you the Australia-Indonesia Centre’s refreshed website, and the all-new websites of our five major initiatives – PAIR, ReelOzInd!, Skills Futures, Digital Economy and AustraliaIndonesia.com (you are here).

Refreshing our online presence allows us to better express how the Centre is evolving and what we do today.

We are excited about our new visual look. We want to make better use of digital resources and have a more beautiful, easier-to-navigate design. These sites will together carry more content, including research, analysis, curated news, and videos (which you can also browse on our YouTube channel).

We will continue to find more effective ways to communicate the work of the AIC.

What’s changing and what’s staying the same

Our logo stays! We retain our Australia-Indonesia Centre brandmark. Our brandmark is made up of two separate components: the motif, and the ‘The Australia-Indonesia Centre’ wordmark.

The motif represents “A” and “I” of Australia and Indonesia. It represents a traditional Indonesian design element and marries the modern with the traditional. The interlocking line represents the weaving together of ideas and collaboration from multiple points, culminating in a pinnacle, from which come myriad possibilities and opportunities.

The wordmark is an italicised typeface. It represents action and purpose synonymous with a centre that gets on and does things. It typifies the creativity, drive and ambition for cutting edge outcomes between the two countries.

The sum of our parts: AIC’s people, knowledge and initiatives

We have introduced a new look and design to our main website. We have updated the graphic elements, and introduced new fonts and a new colour palette.

We are excited about the new visual look and identity. It’s beautiful and modern.

But this is about more than how we look. It is about introducing the centre, showcasing our partners and incubating and powering ideas to build knowledge and relationships. So we have decided to treat our main website as the “parent” site. The parent site does two things: it tells our story and gives structure and focus to our work.

Our “parent” website introduces in one place the significant and substantive work of our research activities through two main hubs: The Knowledge Bank and the Knowledge Network. And it serves as a launching point for our five major initiatives – our “child” websites: PAIR, ReelOzInd!, Skills Futures, Digital Economy and AustraliaIndonesia.com.

Our Knowledge Bank

Our Knowledge Bank is a comprehensive library of all of the research the AIC has done to date, grouped into relevant, topical categories such as Attitudes, Health, Food, Water and more. You can browse or search our project outcomes, expert commentary and in-depth articles.

Our Knowledge Network

Our Knowledge Network is a network of the five hundred-strong experts and professionals that drive the AIC and its research. Here, you’ll have easy access to profiles and areas of expertise.

Our Initiatives

Our five “child” sites represent our five major initiatives. Though each initiative has its own identity, and purpose, and each speaks to a different audience, collectively they form an integral family of the AIC’s work.

ReelOzInd! is the edgy side of AIC’s work. It is our people-to-people, grass-roots driven effort that has attracted 3,900 people through 68 screenings locations held across both countries and an online audience of over 14,000 over the past three years. This competition gives us an opportunity to share stories away from stereotypes, headlines and political drama! It engages people from a wide range of backgrounds – from students to more established filmmakers – in a competition that showcases their talent before audiences in Australia and Indonesia and also to a world online audience.

The Partnership for Australia-Indonesia Research (PAIR) is our ambitious flagship research funded by the Australian Government and supported by the Indonesian Government and our 11 universities. PAIR represents our distinctive approach to applied research. We are applying PAIR in South Sulawesi over the next four years as a proof of concept of how to make an impact through bilateral, multi-institutional, place-based, demand-driven and interdisciplinary research.

SkillsFutures promotes stronger education, skills and training partnerships between Australia and Indonesia. It shares our work in understanding Indonesia’s human capital landscape. We will develop the site to provide market access insights, profile sectoral case studies, and share infographics and video content.

The Digital Economy explores the significance of the digital economy in the Australia-Indonesia partnership. Digital Economy is our response to better understanding a changing Indonesia. It is our front-foot effort to explore themes that intertwine the old and new economy and spot emerging trends in the Australia-Indonesia relationship.

AustraliaIndonesia.com is a hub for all things Australia-Indonesia. The new site features AIC’s new reports, videos and infographics. It also contains curated news and analyses produced in our twice-weekly Media Update email newsletter.

Director and CEO
The Australia-Indonesia Centre

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