Helping women embrace digital transformation key to inclusive post-COVID growth

Giving women the opportunity to learn and apply digital skills is a critical step to Indonesia’s post-covid economic growth, according to panelists at an AIC In Conversation webinar with Global Victoria.


The leaders of state and private enterprises explained how they had used digital tools to transform their businesses, and also made sure women were involved in the progress.

“When I arrived, there was no digitalisation at all, (the organisation) still relied on manual systems,” says Setia Moemin, President Director of DAMRI – a state-owned enterprise operating the nation’s road transportation.

That’s why digital transformation was her first order of business.

“I am the first woman leader in DAMRI, and I have to be brave to transform the systems from manual to digital, such as the use of e-ticketing.”

Helianti Hilman, Founder & Executive Chairperson of JAVARA, also shared this as a priority.

“To support our farmers, we always try to embrace innovation and technology.

In the past, we could predict the season, but because of climate change, we can’t predict anything, so we have to use technology to survive.”

Another key area is where technology can be leveraged is marketing.

“Branding is the next step (of support) – how to build the branding of the origin of the product, bringing the philosophy of the product.”

As a serial entrepreneur and SME InvestIndo investment specialist, Lisa Zen Purba understood the power of using digital platforms to market products.

“During COVID-19, we have suffered financially, but we use the power of collaboration through digital marketing services and loans to survive.”

Technology can amplify a unique strength of Indonesian women – the network effect of sisterhood, or in Indonesian, “the power of emak-emak (mothers)”.

“The power of sisterhood makes collaboration stronger,” says Liza.

“We need to use the power of emak-emak to increase economic growth, not just to win elections.”

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