Australia-Indonesia Centre to launch a range of new websites in August

The Australia-Indonesia Centre will soon launch a redesigned network of websites including an informative hub for all things Australia Indonesia and a home for its new flagship research program, the Partnership for Australia-Indonesia Research (PAIR). will gather news, research, opinions, analysis, events and opportunities that we think you should know about. Curated by the AIC, the site is designed to equip visitors to help us on our mission of advancing people-to-people links in science, technology, education and innovation.

The new PAIR website will be home to the AIC’s new $8 million research program, themed ‘Connectivity, People and Place’, and based in South Sulawesi.

“Through PAIR, interdisciplinary teams of researchers will work closely with government, industry and communities to define issues and co-create solutions relevant to South Sulawesi,”  Dr Eugene Sebastian, Director and CEO of the Australia-Indonesia Centre, said of the program.

The and PAIR websites will join a revamped Australia-Indonesia Centre website and the recently revitalised ReelOzInd website alongside two new AIC initiatives: Skills Futures and Digital Economy.

“We are excited about our new visual look,” Dr Sebastian continued. “We want to make better use of digital resources.  More beautiful design. Much easier to navigate. More content with research, analysis and news. And more digital videos.”

Designed in collaboration with Blueboat, the new websites are scheduled to launch on 5 August. Ahead of that time, each website will be showcased across the Australia-Indonesia Centre’s various channels, presenting our readers with an idea of what to expect from each site. Follow the Australia-Indonesia Centre on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and subscribe to our mailing list for more information.ste

Digital Communications Coordinator
The Australia-Indonesia Centre

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