RAAF and Indonesia Air Force team up in Townsville

The RAAF and Indonesian Air Force are teaming up at RAAF Base Townsville for Exercise Rajawali Ausindo.

Finger and thumb placed on an Indonesian language text

A languages campaign aims to help revitalise the study of Indonesian in Australia

A national initiative aimed at encouraging the study of languages at university can also help reinvigorate the Indonesian language in Australia, according Read more

Jumpstarting ‘green’ industry in North Kalimantan with foreign investment

Indonesia has never shied away from expressing its hunger for modernisation and industrialisation.

Foxconn forms Indonesian JV for EV and battery manufacturing

Taiwanese group partners with coal miner Indika Energy in diversification push.

Dangdut koplo takes centre stage

The beat of dangdut music is a familiar soundtrack to daily life in Indonesian rural and urban villages.

Make Indonesia’s EV metals truly green

The soul of electric vehicles is sustainability. The EV industry’s kryptonite, however, is not its carbon footprint, but rather the unnecessary loss of high-grade biodiversity associated with sourcing minerals.

Social media heightens risk of extremism: police chief

The chief of Indonesia police’s anti-terror squad has warned that violent extremism still poses a danger, admitting authorities are powerless to stop jihadists from spreading their ideology on social media.

How Indonesian seaweed can fit into decarbonisation

By bringing together Indonesian seaweed and Australian technological innovations, a shared vision of decarbonisation can be progressed.

As countries ranging from Indonesia to Mexico aim to attract digital nomads, locals say ‘not so fast’

Should your community welcome digital nomads – individuals who work remotely, allowing them freedom to bounce from country to country?

Kesehatan, atau ekonomi dulu? Mencari keputusan terbaik dalam menghadapi pandemi

Pemerintah Indonesia menjadi target kritik karena dianggap memilih menyelamatkan perekonomian alih-alih masyarakat dalam manajemen COVID-19 yang dilakukannya.

Strange bedfellows: why do far-right leaders support Indonesia’s promotion of ‘moderate Islam’?

For the past decade, Indonesia has been increasingly active in promoting its own version of “moderate Islam”: Islam Nusantara.

Foot and mouth vaccine doses arrive in Indonesia

The first shipment of one million foot and mouth disease (FMD) vaccine doses supplied by the Australian Government has arrived in Indonesia. The doses will be distributed by Indonesian authorities to ensure they are delivered to the areas most in need.

Indonesia’s COVID-19 recovery plan relies on dirty energy, making it harder to hit environmental targets

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted Indonesia’s economy. This crisis, which has also hit many other countries, is a consequence of the massive cessation of economic activities due to restrictions to suppress COVID-19 case numbers.

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