Diagnosing Indonesia’s health challenges

In July, Indonesia was dubbed one of the global epicentres for Covid-19. Media reports warned of a health system collapse and cemeteries overwhelmed with burial demands.

How Southeast Asia’s hardline groups saw September 11 attacks

Ali Imron, one of the perpetrators of deadly bombings on the Indonesian island of Bali in 2002, says he first learned of the attacks on the US on September 11, 2001 from the front page of his local newspaper.

Young Indonesians turn to farming, offering hope for country’s agriculture sector

In tourism hot spot Bali, Mr Agung Wedhatama, who has a master’s degree in IT, decided to become a farmed in 2013 when he was 29, leaving behind the business he had set up.

Fresh meat: VCs pour funds into burgeoning e-grocery segment

Investors are scrambling to fund online grocery start-ups after the fresh food segment grew exponentially last year, driven by rising demand amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Civil society raises the alarm over Mandalika, Indonesia’s US$3 billion tourism project

A tourism development project in Indonesia backed by the Beijing-based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, is being criticised for enabling human rights violations against locals and Indigenous peoples.

ReelOzInd! jury member Yulia Evina Bhara on Indonesian filmmaking and the importance of festivals

ReelOzInd! 2021 jury member Yulia Evina Bhara recently featured on Indonesia at Melbourne’s Talking Indonesia podcast, as hosted by festival director Jemma Purdey.

State intelligence hacked in alleged breach of government networks

The internal networks of at least 10 government institutions, including the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), were reportedly breached earlier this year by China-based hackers in an alleged cyberespionage campaign.

Women, youth and low-education workers bear the worst job losses in Indonesia when there are no tourists

Indonesia has been hit particularly hard [by COVID-19]. Tourism businesses have had no choice but to reduce business hours, lay off employees and implement pay cuts.

Australia-Indonesia Centre, Provincial Government of South Sulawesi agree to establish joint working group

The Australia-Indonesia Centre and the government of South Sulawesi have further progressed their partnership by agreeing to establish a joint-working group which puts a focus on the areas of health and wellbeing, and the local economy.

Cleaning up Indonesia’s Citarum River, one of the world’s most polluted waterways

The Citarum is the longest and largest river in West Java, running 270km through thousands of communities to connect the people, villages and landscape of the most populous province in Indonesia.

Penelitian berdampak luas dan kebutuhan akan narasi

Tidaklah cukup bagi peneliti untuk melakukan pekerjaannya dengan baik dan berharap bahwa orang lain akan mengetahui bagaimana hal tersebut dapat diterapkan – mereka juga harus mengembangkan narasi tentang perubahan apa yang dapat dibuat oleh penelitian mereka dan bagaimana caranya.

Indonesian writer confronts COVID-19 through poetry

As Indonesia becomes the world’s COVID-19 epicentre, writer and activist Putu Oka Sukanta’s poetry reflects how the pandemic has changed human relations and ways to maintain optimism and resilience.

How Indonesian young creative workers in Yogyakarta stay productive amid the pandemic

Danastri Rizky Nabilah, a filmmaker from Yogyakarta – a city in Indonesia known for its education and art – has no choice but to sell snacks after losing up to 40% of her income during the pandemic.

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