Indonesia’s GDP growth fueled by spending revival, exports

Indonesia’s economy performed better than estimated in the second quarter, powered by a commodity-led exports boom and robust spending that could nudge the central bank to begin its rate liftoff.

Addressing the vocational challenges of young people in South Sulawesi

Findings of PAIR have concluded that young people in the Indonesian province of South Sulawesi face a range of challenges in accessing education that, if addressed…

Foot and mouth outbreak risk ‘diminishing’

The risk of foot and mouth disease reaching Australia is diminishing as Indonesia suppresses its outbreak, state and territory leaders have been told.

Ekonomi Australia lesu, apa dampaknya buat RI?

Berbicara soal ekspor impor Australia, faktanya negara kita memiliki hubungan perdagangan dengan Australia.

Why Australia will work harder to build ties with Indonesia

Culturally different, but geographically close, the two countries have collaborated on border security and counter-terrorism, and share a nervousness about the rise of China, but the commercial relationship has been underdone.

Debate on intolerance after student made to wear hijab in Indonesia

A recent incident in which a Muslim student in Indonesia was allegedly forced to wear a hijab by her teachers, which led to her depression, has again highlighted intolerance in Indonesia and a breach of the right of individuals to make choices.

At Citayam Fashion Week, Jakarta’s budget fashionistas get their turn on the catwalk

Citayam Fashion Week — an organic fashion phenomenon based around a crosswalk near the Dukuh Atas station and park area in Central Jakarta — is the hot new thing in Indonesia’s capital.

The case for electric vehicles

In the busy streets of Jakarta, change is brewing as major transport and services firms transition their fleets to electric vehicles.

Peneliti Unhas survei akses layanan kesehatan digital untuk difabel

Tim peneliti Unhas menyelenggarakan survei terhadap akses layanan kesehatan berbasis digital untuk penyandang difabel, khususnya berkaitan dengan kebutuhan, tantangan…

Talking Indonesia: art and offence

Indonesian art collective Taring Padi made headlines around the world last month when its 8×10 metre banner on display as part of documenta 15 was subsequently taken down.

Indonesia: time for business to take a fresh look

On Tuesday 26th July, AIIA NSW hosted Ms Jennifer Matthews, president of the Australia Indonesia Business Council (AIBC), at Glover Cottages.

Pemuda ini bicara tentang Kongres Pemuda Australia-Indonesia dan Ketertarikannya pada hubungan dua negara

AIYA adalah organisasi yang dipimpin oleh para pemuda yang bertujuan untuk menghubungkan para pemuda Indonesia dan Australia.

Lengger Lanang: Immortalising a vanishing Indonesian dance with the help of motion capture technology

New digital technologies at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) are helping to preserve Lengger Lanang, a centuries old cross-gender dance from Central Java.

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