BPJS Ketenagakerjaan Banjarmasin Promotes Work Accident Services

The Banjarmasin branch of the employment security agency BPJS Ketenagakerjaan is currently seeking to promote its work accident services.

Indonesia’s gig workers are living precariously. Can we fix the platform economy?

Indonesia’s gig workers — who navigate the digital marketplace as delivery personnel, ride-hailing drivers or online freelancers — are in an increasingly precarious position.

Indonesia’s new military bases in the South China Sea: Preparing for friction

In February 2024, Indonesia elected Prabowo Subianto as its next president. While he does not take office until October, speculation over whether and how Indonesia’s foreign policy might change is already swirling.

Volunteers in Indonesia teach young refugees

In a middle school level class, students are learning about planetary science from the gases of Jupiter to the exosphere on Mercury.

Toyota Pushes Hybrids to Defend Top Spot in Indonesia

Japanese automakers are trying to keep their presence felt in Indonesia with their latest hybrid electric vehicles (EVs) at a time when a growing number of Chinese EV brands are also homing in on Southeast Asia’s largest auto market.

Kartoon Channel launches in Indonesia

Kartoon Studios has launched Kartoon Channel in Indonesia via the country’s broadband and cable TV Link Net, reaching a potential audience of nearly 300 million.

Building stakeholders’ mutual understanding of seaweed sustainability in Indonesia: A group model building approach

Despite the industry’s expansion, the Indonesian seaweed industry continues to face numerous challenges in achieving sustainability.

Understanding the livelihoods and aspirations of young people in the face of agrarian change and development in South Sulawesi

This report presents a detailed analysis and overview of the livelihoods, skills, education and aspirations of rural young people in the Maros district of South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Matching South Sulawesi young people’s education with fast growing industry needs

Indonesia has undergone rapid social and economic change in recent decades. Industrialisation has occurred in many areas and the move to democracy has supported the development of an emergent market economy. An enduring challenge, however, is matching workforce training and skills with the needs of key industries.

Young port workers in the maritime city of Makassar lack digital skills. Vocational schools can be the solution.

Australia-Indonesia Centre (AIC) this year found significant gaps in digital literacy and skills between the education system and industrial needs in South Sulawesi.

The path to improve the health and wellbeing of people with disabilities in South Sulawesi

Lead researchers from an Australia-Indonesia Centre program on improving health outcomes have outlined their findings to Indonesia’s Ministry of Health and the National Committee on Disability.

New PAIR Lab announced to ensure continued research in South Sulawesi

Working together to deliver long-term and sustainable partnerships is the aim of the PAIR Lab, a research initiative of Universitas Hasanuddin and the Australia-Indonesia Centre.

Strengthening business ties with Indonesia

The Australian Indonesian Business Council conference kicked off earlier this week in Darwin, further boosting business, trade and economic relationships between the Northern Territory and Indonesia.

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