Ag Ministry and Microsoft sign MoU to strengthen data-driven agriculture ecosystem

Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Microsoft to empower smallholder farmers with technology-oriented solutions that will help them increase income using ground-breaking, cloud-based technologies, machine learning and advanced analytics.

Indonesia steps up measures to curb terrorism financing

Indonesia will soon approve a regulation to stem money laundering and terrorism financing by requiring fintech players to report suspicious transactions.

Indonesia to outpace China in rise of crazy rich as COVID abates

Indonesia is projected to outpace China when it comes to the growth rate of the super-wealthy set, as rollouts of COVID-19 vaccines support economic recoveries.

‘To do nothing is not an option’: Indonesian foreign minister defends meeting junta

Indonesia’s top diplomat has defended the inevitability of keeping all channels of communication open in seeking solutions to the political crisis that has split Myanmar, insisting that it is an important step…

Conservationists release 10 orangutans into the wild in Indonesia

Orangutans, the world’s largest tree-climbing mammals, are critically endangered largely due to deforestation across Indonesia and Malaysia, where all three species are at serious risk.

Are Indonesia’s “rubber” laws limiting freedom of speech?

In an unexpected announcement, Joko Widodo this month called upon Indonesia’s military and police leadership to “improve supervision to ensure that the implementation of the… ITE Law can be in compliance with the principle of accountability and provide the public sense of justice”.

Indonesian podcasters turn passion into business

Podcasts have become a new source of entertainment for Indonesians. But could they become a sustainable source of income for their producers?

Rollout of COVID-19 vaccines: Emerging experience and issues

Vaccinating several billion people across the world is an enormous task and raises a number of important issues, including equitable distribution of the vaccines across and within…

How ‘tiger farms’ have turned a wild animal into a species worth more dead than alive

Tigers could once be found across much of Asia, from eastern Turkey to Siberia and Indonesia. Today, they are reduced to living in just 6% of their former range.

AIYA Annual 2020

2020, undoubtedly, is a one-of-a-kind year that has redefined a lot of things for us all. There were moments filled with uncertainties, worries, and sorrow. However, we can’t undermine moments that were filled with relief, hope, and gratitude.

Talking Indonesia: getting elected

What are the keys to winning these local Indonesian elections? Do the party coalitions that candidates form shape their chances of winning, or the way that they govern afterwards?

Indonesia is betting on CoronaVac in its fight against Covid-19. But will it work?

Indonesia has made some important first steps toward vaccinating its population against Covid-19. But it still has a long and convoluted journey Read more

Puppetry in the shadow of COVID-19

How Javanese shadow puppet performance artists and audiences in Jakarta adapt to the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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