Reflections on sustaining Trade and Kinship Traditions between Makassans and Yolŋu

For hundreds of years before 1907, fishing fleets travelled annually to north Australia from Makassar, located southwest on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, to harvest trepang (bêche-de-mer).

Indonesia launches carbon exchange to speed emission cuts

The Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) launched a carbon trading bourse, as the coal-dependent country seeks to mobilize market incentives to support its emission cut targets.

Indonesian Tik Toker with more than 2 million followers jailed after saying Islamic phrase before eating pork

An Indonesian court has sentenced a woman to two years in prison for posting a viral video on TikTok in which she said an Islamic phrase before eating pork.

Harita Nickel has big plans for electrical vehicle boom

Few people outside of the mineral industry know about Harita Nickel, and it does not help that the company’s mining operations and smelter facilities are located on a remote island in the northern part of Maluku, more than 2,300 kilometers from Jakarta.

Tingkatkan Baku Mutu Kualitas Udara Sesuai Standar WHO

Pemerintah perlu menetapkan baku mutu kualitas udara sesuai dengan standar terbaru dari WHO untuk mengatasi pencemaran udara di Jabodetabek. Ketentuan saat ini masih di bawah standar WHO.

Vietnamese EV maker to launch Indonesia plant in 2026 with US$1.2 billion investment

Vietnamese EV maker plans to expand in seven more markets in Asia, including Indonesia where it aims to start deliveries from next year from next year and establish a plant in 2026.

5 Jenis Sate ini Masuk Dalam Warisan Budaya Tak Benda Indonesia

Salah satu kuliner yang telah ditetapkan menjadi warisan budaya adalah sate. Makanan yang ditusuk itu masuk kategori Warisan Budaya Tak Benda (WBTB). Dilansir dari warisanbudaya.kemdikbud.go.id, ada beberapa jenis kuliner sate yang masuk dalam kategori ini.

Understanding the livelihoods and aspirations of young people in the face of agrarian change and development in South Sulawesi

This report presents a detailed analysis and overview of the livelihoods, skills, education and aspirations of rural young people in the Maros district of South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Matching South Sulawesi young people’s education with fast growing industry needs

Indonesia has undergone rapid social and economic change in recent decades. Industrialisation has occurred in many areas and the move to democracy has supported the development of an emergent market economy. An enduring challenge, however, is matching workforce training and skills with the needs of key industries.

Young port workers in the maritime city of Makassar lack digital skills. Vocational schools can be the solution.

Australia-Indonesia Centre (AIC) this year found significant gaps in digital literacy and skills between the education system and industrial needs in South Sulawesi.

The path to improve the health and wellbeing of people with disabilities in South Sulawesi

Lead researchers from an Australia-Indonesia Centre program on improving health outcomes have outlined their findings to Indonesia’s Ministry of Health and the National Committee on Disability.

New PAIR Lab announced to ensure continued research in South Sulawesi

Working together to deliver long-term and sustainable partnerships is the aim of the PAIR Lab, a research initiative of Universitas Hasanuddin and the Australia-Indonesia Centre.

Strengthening business ties with Indonesia

The Australian Indonesian Business Council conference kicked off earlier this week in Darwin, further boosting business, trade and economic relationships between the Northern Territory and Indonesia.

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