Indonesia dapat bermitra dengan Australia untuk kembangkan rantai pasok layanan kesehatan digital dalam hadapi pandemi COVID-19

Indonesia bermitra dengan negara-negara maju seperti Australia, untuk membangun rantai pasok layanan kesehatan yang tangguh dan responsif dengan melibatkan teknologi digital modern.

Indonesia’s Delicate Dance Between China and the US

Southeast Asia’s largest country should seek complementary improvements in its relations with the two major world powers.

Ethical standards body cuts ties with Indonesian palm giant Korindo

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has cut ties with Indonesian palm oil, pulp and paper giant Korindo Group after allegations of deforestation and human rights abuses in the company’s concessions.

Making coffins, giving shelter: volunteers step in as Covid overwhelms Indonesia

As Indonesia becomes the epicentre of the pandemic, a growing number of volunteer groups have assembled to fill in gaps in the government response.

Apex Legends Mobile’s closed beta is coming to Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia

Apex Legends Mobile will soon be launching in a closed beta later this year with Indonesia as their testing market for devices and population. 

Indonesia is the new COVID epicentre, so some are heading to the US to skip the vaccine queue

Many Indonesians and others across Asia getting vaccinated while on vacation — what one tour company has dubbed “Air V&V”.

Hyundai and Great Wall EVs challenge Japan’s dominance in Southeast Asia

As Thailand and Indonesia go electric, hybrid-focused players risk losing out.

6 bulan vaksinasi COVID-19: mengapa Indonesia terseok-seok mencapai target?

Memasuki bulan keenam vaksinasi COVID-19 di Indonesia, tampaknya pemerintah sulit mencapai target untuk menuntaskan vaksinasi pada 70 persen populasi paling cepat akhir tahun ini dan paling lambat Maret tahun depan.

Three ways you can help in NAIDOC’s call to Heal Country

NAIDOC week has just begun and, after several tumultuous years of disasters in Australia, the theme this year is Heal Country. In the last two years, Australia has suffered crippling drought that saw the Darling-Baaka run dry, catastrophic bushfires, and major flooding throughout coastal and inland areas of Australia’s east.

Kesenjangan fasilitas dan layanan antar rumah sakit di Indonesia meningkatkan risiko COVID-19 di kalangan tenaga kesehatan

Pandemi COVID-19 sangat mempengaruhi sektor kesehatan di Indonesia, negara dengan ekonomi terbesar di Asia Tenggara. Salah satu dampak yang paling serius adalah tingginya angka infeksi dan kematian di kalangan tenaga kesehatan.

Discrepancies in facilities and services among hospitals in Indonesia increase COVID-19 risks among health workers

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the healthcare sector in Southeast Asia’s largest economy, Indonesia. One of the most devastating effects is a high infection and mortality rate among healthcare workers.

1 in 3 LGBTQ+ students say they hear homophobic language at school almost every day

Bills in the federal and New South Wales parliaments have sought to stop teachers talking about gender and sexuality diversity in the name of either religious freedom or parents’ rights.

Endless stigma of HIV and COVID-19

“I prefer to treat COVID-19 patients (rather) than HIV-patients.” It is difficult to imagine a health care worker saying this to a patient, but it is evidence of the stigma that continues to surround HIV-patients in Indonesia.

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