Jakarta extends large-scale social restrictions, curbs to be lifted in stages

Relaxing of rules begins with the reopening of places of worship on Friday (Jun 5), as the government extends large-scale social restrictions for the third time.

Indonesia’s agro-nationalism in the pandemic

At the core of the government’s agro nationalist agenda is to achieve more domestic food production for the goal of national food self-sufficiency.

Student body urges Nadiem to cut tuition fees during ‘study at home’ policy

Around 83 percent of students surveyed said that their parents’ incomes have declined and 77 percent did not know if they could pay next semester’s tuition.

Why international engagement is crucial for Australia’s higher education sector

The success of Australia’s higher education sector is due, in part, to the sector’s capacity to attract international students.

Closing Indonesia’s infrastructure gap

The Perth USAsia Centre has developed the Indonesia Infrastructure Map to help illustrate the geographic challenges they face, and the projects underway.

Facebook and PayPal invest in Southeast Asian ride-hailing giant Gojek

Facebook, for which it is the first investment in an Indonesia-based firm, and PayPal did not disclose the size of their checks.

Indonesia to skip Hajj pilgrimage over coronavirus fears

The largest contingent of worshippers, more than 220,000 people, will not be doing the annual trip to Saudi Arabia.

Beyond the COVID-19 crisis: The student perspective

As the world looks for fresh ideas to navigate the COVID-19 crisis, hear from three scholars about the role of universities during global challenges, and how they’re adjusting to new ways of learning.

UGM sociologist: The primary prerequisite for ‘new normal’ is health infrastructure

It seems that Indonesia will experiment with a new phase of life in three cities: Yogyakarta, Bali, and the Riau Islands. Some parties and observers still doubt its readiness.

UGM leads RI-GHA Covid-19 rapid test research innovation

Prof. Dr Sofia Mubarika Haryana from the Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing at UGM led the creation of an innovative rapid diagnostic test (RDT) for Covid-19.

ITB Airgency Ambu-Bag ventilator passes Health Facilities Safety Center test

“We hope that by passing the clinical trials, once we have obtained a distribution authorisation, we can immediately produce this tool and circulate it to the hospital.”

UWA Expert Series – Lessons from past pandemic wars

“In 1918 with the Spanish Flu… once people started to become more used to being out again and cases started to increase – they actually did not want to listen to the instructions to go back home.”

UNAIR Epidemiology expert: 28-day-extension of PSBB Surabaya is reasonable

Dr Windhu Purnomo said that it was ideal to add 14 days more of social distancing because according to him, incubation for coronavirus tends to vary from 14 to 25 days.

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