The long road for disability-inclusive education in Indonesia’s universities

“The problem is now how we, including university administrators, as part of society, help change the mindset of people towards disabilities. It’s also our responsibility as able-bodied persons.”

Not even mediocre? Indonesian students score low in math, reading, science: PISA report

Out of 79 assessed countries and economies, Indonesia ranked 73rd in mathematics, 74th in reading and 71st in science.

Indonesia preps US$40 billion for a metro to rival Singapore’s

Improving the country’s rail network is a crucial next step in Jokowi’s ambitions to develop the Southeast Asian country’s infrastructure.

Why a war on extremism in Indonesia may create more problems than it solves

While the challenge is real, the approach adopted by the Jokowi administration thus far suffers from serious limitations and challenges.

Corporate recruitment in Indonesia: what employers think

“One of the main skills gaps in their graduate recruits from Indonesian universities was leadership skills; critical thinking; a capacity to see the ‘big picture’ of what they were doing.”

Launching the next chapter for Australia and Indonesia

“PAIR represents the future of this relationship, as an important vessel for collaboration between our two countries” – Ambassador Gary Quinlan

Jen Bahen from TAFE Directors Australia explains how to enter the Indonesian market

Jen Bahen discusses opportunities for Australian education and training providers to engage with Indonesia in its mission of human capital development.

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