Papua deforestation threatens Indonesia’s climate progress

Greenpeace has warned that left unchecked, forest clearance in Papua could undo Indonesia’s progress in tackling climate change, with a report that looks at systematic violations on plantation and forest release permits.

Analysis: India, Indonesia benefit as China’s ban on Australian coal reshapes trade flows

India and Indonesia have emerged as key beneficiaries of a Chinese ban on Australia’s coal exports which is expected to further shift Read more

Indonesia Muslims begin Ramadan with social distanced prayers, COVID-19 vaccines

Muslims in Indonesia began marking Ramadan with communal prayers in a socially distanced contrast to the empty mosques of a year ago Read more

Attempts to revise draconian ITE Law stumble

It now appears the draconian law will remain in its current form for a year at least, after the DPR failed to Read more

Punctuality in Indonesia

One of the most quintessential elements of Indonesian culture is time and how time is treated. Unfortunately, this could also come as a surprising challenge for many who come from abroad or those who repatriate back to Indonesia.

Ambassador to Indonesia

Ms Williams is a senior career officer with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). She has previously served overseas as High Commissioner to Malaysia and was Australia’s first Ambassador for Women and Girls. Ms Williams is Australia’s first female Ambassador to Indonesia.

Asia’s isle of five separate agendas

The Bugis people of South Sulawesi are a powerful ethnic group remarkable for their recognition of five separate genders. But the future of their unique culture looks bleak.

Attempts to revise draconian ITE Law stumble

It now appears the draconian law will remain in its current form for a year at least, after the DPR failed to Read more

Is Indonesia’s alcohol bill an appropriate public health measure?

The Indonesian House of Representatives plans to draft a bill that will criminalise the activities of producing, selling and buying, distributing, drinking and storing alcoholic beverages.

Mandatory vaccination will not solve Indonesia’s Covid-19 problem

As Indonesia’s Covid-19 case count continues to climb past one million, the government’s disregard of other public health measures in favour of an aggressive mandatory vaccination drive shows a clear neglect of its human rights obligations.

Rollout of COVID-19 vaccines: Emerging experience and issues

Vaccinating several billion people across the world is an enormous task and raises a number of important issues, including equitable distribution of the vaccines across and within…

How ‘tiger farms’ have turned a wild animal into a species worth more dead than alive

Tigers could once be found across much of Asia, from eastern Turkey to Siberia and Indonesia. Today, they are reduced to living in just 6% of their former range.

AIYA Annual 2020

2020, undoubtedly, is a one-of-a-kind year that has redefined a lot of things for us all. There were moments filled with uncertainties, worries, and sorrow. However, we can’t undermine moments that were filled with relief, hope, and gratitude.

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