Profitable, sustainable seaweed-sourced bio-ethanol edges closer

Two AIC Associate Fellows have helped bring viable seaweed-sourced bio-ethanol closer by demonstrating the benefits of two new pre-treatment methods.

COVID-19 and mental health in Indonesia

It is not surprising that, with a significant increase of fear, loneliness, frustration, and sadness throughout the COVID-19 pandemic comes an increase in mental health difficulties.

Indonesia’s daily Covid-19 cases set new record

Indonesia ranks 28th among countries with the most cases and is only six spots behind China.

Indonesia seeking its own Covid-19 vaccine amid worry about access

It is necessary for Indonesia to develop its own Covid-19 vaccine. And it will be by Indonesia, from Indonesia, to Indonesia.

Long-range missiles likely to earn a quiet ‘thank you’ from neighbours

Australia’s decision to acquire longer range strike capabilities will be welcomed by our strategic partners in south-east Asia.

Assisting Indonesia through the economic pandemic

Well-calibrated Australian support could make a pivotal difference to lower the risks and help Indonesia finance the budget deficit needed to get through the pandemic.

Why Bank Indonesia will fund $40 billion of government’s budget

Directly monetising a government deficit has long been a taboo, and raises potential risks around inflation and the central bank’s independence.

UNAIR plankton researcher says microalgae abundance an indicator of warming

Global warming affects certain waters, especially estuary waters, where the meeting of currents between the river and the sea creates high nutrient levels, which encourage microalgae growth.

Digital democracy: Bintang Emon, buzzers and the itch to express

Over the last decade, Indonesian entertainers who push social boundaries have found audiences on social media. But in the last few years, some have found opposition.

Talking Indonesia: Covid-19 and mental health

The mental health impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic are generally assumed to be severe, but little data has been available to assess the situation in Indonesia.

Use of the term LGBT in Indonesia and its real-world consequences

Before 2016, the term ‘LGBT’ was rarely used in Indonesia. But early that year, comments by a senior Indonesian politician prompted a dramatic shift toward public anti-LGBT discourse.

One in five adolescents have suicidal thoughts or anxiety

A global study on mental health has found approximately one in five teenagers experience thoughts of suicide or anxiety.

Peat restoration needs to consider farmers as partners

This program promotes community participation and provides alternative agriculture without burning. Thus, it aims to improve the welfare of the community.

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