Relocating mangroves for Indonesian highway ‘not that easy,’ expert warns

An environmental expert in Indonesia has warned against a government plan to relocate mangrove trees along the north coast of the island of Java to make way for a highway and levee project.

Indonesia’s vaccine cooperation with Beijing won’t compromise Unclos commitment in South China Sea

Last December, the first 1.2 million Sinovac shots arrived in Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city. The timing could not have been more perfect, as Indonesia was entering the ninth month of the pandemic.

How Indomie instant noodles came to dominate the world

In 1956, eight years after Japan’s defeat in WWII when food was still rationed, entrepreneur Momofuku Ando saw a long line of people in shabby clothes on the rubble-strewn streets queuing on a cold night to buy fresh “ramen” noodles at a stall.

YPPIKA-Actionaid Wujudkan Pendidikan Aman dan Inklusif

Direktur Eksekutif YAPPIKA-ActionAid Fransisca Fitri mengatakan, kondisi itu menempatkan 1 dari 5 anak SD setiap hari terancam bahaya belajar di ruang kelas yang rusak.

Indonesia and Thailand in slow race for digital nomad visa

Digital nomads stay overseas for longer than periods regular leisure tourists, offering potentially lucrative rewards for countries that can find a way to host them — and tax them — without scaring them away to other locales.

Photo essay: A pandemic in pictures

With visiting Indonesia almost impossible, Ahmad Tri Hawaai’s imagery is particularly useful in mediating the separation that those of us outside Indonesia may be experiencing.

Will ASEAN’s actions match its tough talk on Myanmar?

The agreement is an important first step but it is only meaningful if followed up by concrete action. Concerned governments must ensure that there is real dialogue and that the junta begins the process of restoring democracy to Myanmar.

Attempts to revise draconian ITE Law stumble

It now appears the draconian law will remain in its current form for a year at least, after the DPR failed to Read more

Is Indonesia’s alcohol bill an appropriate public health measure?

The Indonesian House of Representatives plans to draft a bill that will criminalise the activities of producing, selling and buying, distributing, drinking and storing alcoholic beverages.

Mandatory vaccination will not solve Indonesia’s Covid-19 problem

As Indonesia’s Covid-19 case count continues to climb past one million, the government’s disregard of other public health measures in favour of an aggressive mandatory vaccination drive shows a clear neglect of its human rights obligations.

Rollout of COVID-19 vaccines: Emerging experience and issues

Vaccinating several billion people across the world is an enormous task and raises a number of important issues, including equitable distribution of the vaccines across and within…

How ‘tiger farms’ have turned a wild animal into a species worth more dead than alive

Tigers could once be found across much of Asia, from eastern Turkey to Siberia and Indonesia. Today, they are reduced to living in just 6% of their former range.

AIYA Annual 2020

2020, undoubtedly, is a one-of-a-kind year that has redefined a lot of things for us all. There were moments filled with uncertainties, worries, and sorrow. However, we can’t undermine moments that were filled with relief, hope, and gratitude.

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