Appointing Ambassadors – How it works in the Indonesian context

I noticed a recent media article that named the next Australian Ambassador to Indonesia. This was noteworthy in that there is in practice a lengthy process that needs to be followed before any appointment can be confirmed, and the current Ambassador, Gary Quinlan, remains in the role until mid 2021. 

Indonesians turn to illegal gold mining as coronavirus pandemic hits economy

The price of gold has soared, fuelling a boom in illegal panning in rivers near US company Freeport’s Grasberg mine and other places in Indonesia.

COVID-19 must serve as turning point for village economy

“When economic crisis happens in urban areas, villages are supposed to be the buffer zones as ruralization occurs,” Jokowi said.

Jokowi demands equal access to Covid-19 vaccine at UN General Assembly

Jokowi urged member states to forge stronger ties to alleviate the pandemic’s both health and socio-economic impact.

Disrupting pathways: What awaits rural youth forced home by COVID-19?

An AIC research program looks into the challenges that face rural young people in South Sulawesi forced to return home due to COVID-19.

Seaweed tides over Bali islanders after tourism slump

Aquaculture provides fallback for people of the Penida Archipelago as they wait for tourists’ return.

Sustainable packaging for Asia: Nestle highlights tropical climate as a major development challenge

The climate in South East Asian countries makes it impossible to simply replicate packaging used in Europe, and more research is now underway.

In Indonesia, the COVID-19 pandemic hurts poor women the most

Indonesian women carry the burden of unpaid work, including care-giving, due to persistent gender inequality in Indonesian society and segregation in the labour market.

ITS launches ‘Kampung Pintar’ to teach reading and internet skills in villages

The ‘Smart Village’, run by ITS students and faculty members, provides access to books, both paper and digital, along with free internet access, internet skills training, and more.

How Australia has gained from multilateralism

Indonesia’s development has been supported over several decades by one of the largest sustained multilateral aid efforts since WWII, from which Australia has also benefited.

Ratifying WHO’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control could help Indonesia reduce tobacco imports, benefitting local tobacco farmers

Indonesia relies heavily on imported tobacco products (including Virginia tobacco leaves from China, Brazil and the US), at the expense of local producers.

Identifying determinants of tobacco smoking addiction in rural Indonesian communities

Tobacco addiction risk does not significantly correlate with age, occupation, education level, marital status, or the number of people living in the home.

Talking Indonesia: Australia-Indonesia public diplomacy

During these times of heightened xenophobia, perhaps it is all the more important to remember the importance of people-to-people relationships.

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