New punishments risk arresting progress on research collaboration

The Indonesian Parliament recently passed a new law on the ‘national system for science and technology’, opening doors for stronger research but heightening risks for some.

Shipper, a platform for e-commerce logistics in Indonesia, raises $5 million

Shipper is a startup with the ambitious goal of giving online sellers access to “Amazon-level logistics.” The company has raised $5 million in seed funding…

Indonesia to prioritize imports of meat, rice, raw sugar from India in exchange for lower CPO tariff

Previously, India had imposed a 50 percent import tariff on palm oil products.

Indonesian art is fresh, energetic and lively. Why do we not see more of it?

Showing that Indonesian art is fresh, energetic, human, performative, warm, serious, funny, clever, sensitive, political and not political.

regulator keuangan

Diskusi lintas budaya

[Click through to English version.] Dua puluh lima pejabat tinggi regulator keuangan Indonesia mengunjungi sebuah kota kecil di Victoria, Australia, untuk berdiskusi dengan masyarakat setempat…

The passing of President Habibie

As we attempt to reflect on the record of B. J. Habibie as president, it is well to recall these atmospherics and dynamics that confronted him as he assumed the reins of power.

Stronger education partnerships: Opportunities for Australian education and training providers in Indonesia

A new report provides insights for how Australia’s education sector can contribute to Indonesia’s massive human capital project.

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